Ant Based Energy Efficient Routing in WSNs

Wireless Sensor Networks have captured the attention of researchers and students over the past decade because of the diverse applications they support and the flexibility of network deployment options they provide. These advantages, along with the remarkable advances in sensor technology, make WSNs a favourite option for many tracking and monitoring applications. In such applications, sensors nodes can collaboratively monitor the network environment and report real-time information about the monitored phenomenon.

The motivation was to do an implementation case study on Ant based Energy Efficient Routing in WSNs. I used coalesense isense modules in this project which are produced by a German company called Coalesenses. Coalesenses originates from a university background in this new application area and holds onto the concept of cooperation with public research facilities.

Final code was successfully deployed and verified in a Real Time environment. As it was first of this kind of implementaion, a research paper was presented at International Conference on Soft Computing: Theories and Applications (SOCTA2016).